Exporting YES it is possible…project the sustainability of your company. We are your strategic partner that helps you in the internationalization, providing strategic and operational support at every stage of the process.


In order to export successfully it is essential to have a network of international partners. A wide international network focused on achieving your goals. Do we begin?


Generate a greater volume of sales and incomes as a result of the internationalization of your business. Your effective bridge of trade integration.

Foreign trade advisors

We are an organization of enterprising and multidisciplinary professionals focused on business integration, cooperation and interdependence. We offer SMEs and other institutions (supporting the exporting promotion) our professional services, which are specialized in foreign trade and company internationalisation

About us

Real testimonials from our clients, our main goal is the full satisfaction and success of each one of them.

"Your service generates us results and conclusions of great value and importance to our project and supports our satisfaction with the work done to our company."

Alejandra Romero Morales

Biomedical Group Manager of Costa Rica (Project "Hirumed")

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colaborar con Acoext

Invitation to cooperate with ACOEXT

ACOEXT (Foreign Trade Consultancy), “born global” we have our own innovative working system and method and our main headquarters in Alicante – Spain. We are specialised in offers that orientate the SMEs during their internationalisation

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empresarios y emprendedores

Welcome to Acoext

Entrepreneur of a SME or in international business, institutions supporting the export and the internationalisation and user in general: welcome to this meeting space. We are proud and satisfied to participate in projects that make SMEs international

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